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Shoe Testing

March 16, 2016

For about 10 months now, I’ve been a weartester for New Balance.

It’s been a really cool experience and I cannot thank New Balance enough for the opportunity.  It is a pretty simple process to become a weartester.  All you have to do is fill out the registration for on:  After that if they select you, you’ll receive a pair of shoes to try out for a month.  After a month, you send the shoes back and fill out a review of the shoes.

So far, I’ve done 2 tests for them.

The first test was on a pair of cross trainers – MX577v4.

New Balance - MX577v4

These shoes were really great for HIT classes, plyometric exercise, light jogging, and light weight lifting.

The second test was on a pair of shoes for causal use.  They were the UK 577.

New Balance - UK 577

I really liked these shoes and color way and I might break down and get a pair when they release.

I hope that I can do more weartests for them.  I’ve applied for other brands, but they have not selected me to do any tests.